AERO Vodochody: 300th S-76 to Sikorsky

04.05.2011 Europe
AERO Vodochody: 300th S-76 to Sikorsky

AERO Vodochody: 300th S-76 to Sikorsky

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AERO Vodochody dispatched through its company gates the 300th helicopter S-76 manufactured for Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. It is a great success of AERO Vodochody, which produces the complete S-76 helicopter ready for installation of dynamic parts for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation since 2000.

High quality and reliability of deliveries from AERO contribute to the high demand for the S-76 helicopter. AERO Vodochody was awarded in 2009 and 2010, in two consecutive years, with a prestigious award UTC Supplier GOLD from Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.

The S-76 is a lower middle-class helicopter (up to 6 metric tons of take-off weight). Certified in 1976, the aircraft has undergone a number of design changes. Depending on its configuration, it may accommodate maximum of 12 passengers. The previously produced C++ was succeeded by a new D model in 2010.
The D model features a new-generation cockpit including autopilot from the Thales company, higher operation power thanks to new and more powerful Pratt & Whitney PW210S engines, a new dual-speed main rotor with active vibration control system guaranteeing lower noise levels, a silent tail rotor and gear box, and full-composite main rotor blades with ice protection system for flight into forecast icing conditions.

The S-76 helicopters are operated in 37 countries all over the world, the highest number being flown in North America and Asia. The S-76 helicopter is designed for a wide range of missions and used mostly by operators transporting oil company employees to oil platforms, for search and rescue services and paramedical services. Moreover, luxury versions of the helicopter with cabin interior furnished to individual customer requirements are favored by VIP customers for private or corporate use.  


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