MBDA Chooses Sagem's New Matis MP3

29.03.2011 Europe
MBDA Chooses Sagem

MBDA Chooses Sagem's New Matis MP3

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The new Matis MP3 optronic aiming sight offered by Sagem (Safran group) has been chosen by missile manufacturer MBDA to modernize the French army's Mistral surface-to-air firing posts.
The contract covers the development and production of the sight and its new thermal imager for 186 launching stations, within a scope of a modernization contract that French defense procurement agency DGA has awarded to MBDA, prime contractor for the Mistral missile. Sagem also supplies the infrared seeker for the Mistral surface-to-air missile.

A critical part of the weapon system, the Matis MP3 is a day/night sight that significantly enhances the Mistral missile's capabilities in several key areas:

•    extended detection and identification ranges;
•    greater operability under different weather conditions;
•    integration of day and night channels in the same system.

      The Matis MP3 sight is a highly integrated unit with a user-friendly design, comprising:

•    dual field IR channel with a 3-5 um VGA detector;
•    dual field daytime channel;
•    latest-generation electronics that support image processing for even the most sophisticated threats, including under difficult weather conditions.

It is also fitted with a magnetic compass and GPS receiver, to provide geographic coordinate readings of the target and enhanced coordination of firing posts within a defense area.


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