Aero Vodochody Awarded Saab Contract

24.03.2011 Europe
Aero Vodochody Awarded Saab Contract

Aero Vodochody Awarded Saab Contract

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Aero Vodochody announced it has received business worth several million EUR from Swedish company SAAB Aeronautics for production of pylons for Swedish and Thai air forces.

Pylons are used for weapon systems and are located at the bottom of aircraft wing.

Order to produce another 54 pylons of free types is a continuation of production for Swedish company SAAB Aeronautics and fighter aircraft JAS-39 Gripen. Production will take place from October 2011 to December 2012. Subject of the contract are fully assembled and tested pylons ready to be installed on the aircraft.

This new contract is a result of successful cooperation between Aero Vodochody and SAAB Aeronautics, which started in October 2008. AERO Vodochody is the biggest aviation producer in the Czech Republic.

In this project, Aero Vodochody will utilize the knowledge and previous experience from production of pylons for multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by SAAB’s JAS-39 Gripen. This fighter aircraft is capable of performing a wide range of military tasks and can carry the most modern weapon systems.



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