Duguay-Trouin Nuclear Attack Submarine

22.03.2011 Europe
Duguay-Trouin Nuclear Attack Submarine

Duguay-Trouin Nuclear Attack Submarine

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The first hull section of the Duguay-Trouin, the second in class of the Barracuda type nuclear-powered attack submarine, has left the prefabrication hall at DCNS’s Cherbourg centre. This first production milestone was passed on schedule and is highly symbolic, since with the first hull section the submarine begins to take on its physical shape. The Barracuda program,, led by the French defence procurement agency (DGA), calls for delivery of six submarines between 2017 and 2028.

The hull section is made of steel alloy. It measures approximately 9 metres in diameter by 4 metres in length and weighs 40 tonnes. Section no. 7 will form part of the aft half of the hull, immediately behind the nuclear reactor compartment and will eventually accommodate the suspended block containing the electrical distribution plant.

This first milestone was passed on time by the DCNS teams, who have taken significant steps to optimise construction of this series of six submarines, through the use of advanced hull forming and welding techniques. Fabrication of the remaining hull elements for the Duguay-Trouin — 20 other hull sections and 4 interface pieces — will follow in the next few months.

Construction of the Suffren, the first in class of the Barracuda type submarines, is also on schedule at the Cherbourg centre. Joining of the hull sections at the assembly facility is moving forward at a brisk pace, with the first equipment integration phases set to begin in the next few months.

The Barracuda next-generation nuclear-powered attack submarines, or SSNs (French designation SNA-NG), will be a key component of the French Navy’s force projection assets. In addition to anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, the Barracuda’s mission capabilities will include intelligence gathering, special operations (by deploying commandos) and land strikes, with the MDCN naval cruise missile. Barracuda SSNs will carry a range of armaments, including the future heavyweight torpedo, the SM39 antiship missile and the MDCN (up to 20 armaments simultaneously).


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