Finmeccanica at Euronaval 2010

28.10.2010 Europe
Finmeccanica at Euronaval 2010

Finmeccanica at Euronaval 2010

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Finmeccanica and its Companies SELEX Sistemi Integrati, Oto Melara and WASS are exhibiting the Euronaval “International Naval Defense & Maritime Exhibition & Conference” taking place in Paris from 25 to 29 October at the Paris-Le-Bourget Exhibition Centre.
Through its Companies, Finmeccanica can provide modern Navies with comprehensive naval solutions, including integrated systems, sensors, radar, underwater systems, systems for defense, communications, coastal and port monitoring, exclusive economic zone protection, and many other solutions.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati can boast fifty years of leadership in naval defense as a combat systems supplier and integrator. The company has provided systems and sensors for more than 100 naval units and over 40 customers worldwide. Major successes include the Horizon and FREMM frigates programmers, the Cavour aircraft carrier for the Italian Navy, and several international programmers, such as the Baynunah-class corvettes, the Ghannatha-class patrol ships and the new stealth patrol vessels known as “Falaj 2” for the United Arab Emirates. SELEX Sistemi Integrati, through its Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) and Archimede, also designs and develops solutions for the surveillance and protection of coasts, sea and ports. At Euronaval, the Company is exhibiting: the Naval Combat Management System, a system based on a scalar architecture and suitable for any class of vessel, from patrol ships to aircraft carriers, which can integrate sensors, weapons, tactical data links or navigation systems into a major system; the Archimede System for the protection and monitoring of ports, an extremely modular, transportable, quickly configurable and deployable system, able to integrate many different types of sensors and unmanned vehicles; the Medusa MK4/B, a light electro-optical system, which is compact and easy to use, typically deployed in patrol operations and the remote control of medium-and short-range weapons; and a model of the FREMM frigates, which represents the largest ever European Naval Programmed.

Oto Melara is a world leader in the production of small and medium-caliber naval artillery and uses state-of-the-art technology to offer its customers complete solutions. The Company has research and development facilities covering various sectors including artillery, armored vehicles, naval munitions and anti-aircraft systems. Oto Melara offers modern, reliable weapons systems to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces, and also provides ongoing assistance and support for the entire operational life of its products. At Euronaval, Oto Melara is exhibiting: the VULCANO extended range ammunition for 127mm artillery and DART for 76mm artillery, as well as the new 76mm cannon, STRALES, developed in collaboration with the Italian Navy, including the latest-generation anti-missile defense system. This system represents the most efficient response to emerging requirements for medium-caliber naval guns that require the utmost precision and reliability in asymmetric and continuously evolving scenarios. At the Finmeccanica stand, the Company will also show the film of the DART munitions programmed firing trials, carried out in Sardinia in June 2010. The video was made last summer through a direct link-up with the Italian Navy’s ship “Foscari”.

Due to its unique capability to design, develop and manufacture lightweight and heavyweight torpedoes with relevant launching systems as well as anti-torpedo countermeasures and underwater surveillance equipment, WASS is recognized as the world leader in the underwater defense domain. At Euronaval the Company is exhibiting: the Black Shark “Stealth” Heavyweight Torpedo, the most advanced and powerful torpedo currently available on the market. The Black Shark features a new generation, multi-frequency acoustic head named ASTRA and a new, powerful, extremely noiseless electric propulsion system for a long lasting endurance that allows the torpedo a stealth approach to the target, thus making the counter-detection impossible at useful ranges; the A244/S Mod.3 Lightweight Torpedo, the last upgrade of the world-wide proven A244/S in service in over 15 Navies around the world, is designed to counter the most challenging threats posed by both modern conventional and nuclear submarines. The A244/S Mod.3 is fitted with an advanced signal processor unit and with a new generation and more powerful propulsion battery which provides a 50% increase in the endurance of the weapon; Expendable Countermeasures: two types of expendable effectors (Jammers and Mobile Target Emulators) together with the specific launching devices, including the C310 and C303/S, which represent the most effective response to the requirements of modern antitorpedo defense for surface vessels and submarines; the Submarine Launching System for Anti- Torpedo Countermeasures, composed by two independent launching tube racks capable of deploying the effectors (Jammers and Mobile Target Emulators) on both sides of the submarine. The launcher is fitted with all necessary electrical and mechanical devices in order to guarantee the maximum level of safety and remote, autonomous and instantaneous control.

At an international level, Finmeccanica has been providing systems and equipments to a large number of Navies worldwide. The Italo-French Horizon and FREMM programmers and international partnerships such as the Baynunah programmed with the United Arab Emirates lend weight to Finmeccanica's role as a combat system integrator and total ship provider capable of responding to continuously evolving multifunction requirements and creating a strong basis for further opportunities in nearby countries. Orizzonte Sistemi Navali, the joint venture between Fincantieri and Finmeccanica, is the Italian total ship supplier with a product portfolio ranging from offshore patrol vessels to aircraft carriers. The JV is the prime contractor to the Italian Navy for the Italo-French FREMM Multi-mission Frigates Project.


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