Royal Navy's Sea Viper Firing

06.10.2010 Europe
Royal Navy

Royal Navy's Sea Viper Firing

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Sea Viper, the Royal Navy’s groundbreaking new air defence missile, has been fired from a Type 45 Destroyer for the first time, the Ministry of Defense (MOD) confirmed.
Sea Viper is the Royal Navy's version of the MBDA designed PAAMS (Principal Anti-Air Missile System) which is composed of the Sampson Radar, a Combat and Control system, the Sylver missile launching system, the Aster 15 and Aster 30 missiles.
At the MOD’s range in the Hebrides, HMS Dauntless successfully fired an Aster 30 missile and hit a moving target drone.
The Sea Viper can engage multiple targets simultaneously, meaning it is capable of defending the new Type 45 fleet and ships in their company against multiple attacks from the most sophisticated aircraft or missiles approaching from any direction and at supersonic speeds.
Sea Viper also has state-of-the-art Sampson radar, allowing it to react to high-speed, very low-level, anti-ship missiles and can track targets to a range of up to 400 kilometres. The Aster missiles are capable of speeds in excess of mach four and are highly agile.
Captain Richard Powell, Commanding Officer of HMS Dauntless, said:
"This firing is the culmination of a series of trials of Sea Viper as the system moves towards acceptance into the Royal Navy. Both my ship's company and the equipment manufacturers have done a sterling job in preparing for and conducting the test.
"We are delighted with the success of this firing which is particularly important for the UK as the Sea Viper system will also work in support of land and air forces."
Richard Smart, Head of Team Complex Weapons at the MOD, said:
"Sea Viper is one of the most advanced weapons systems in the world. Its ability to engage multiple targets gives the Royal Navy unparalleled protection from air attack which, together with the ship’s speed and agility, makes the Type 45 a truly formidable fighting force. The first firing from HMS Dauntless is a fantastic achievement that has successfully built on the weapon system’s extensive qualification program."


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