Saab Launches SAFE

18.09.2010 Europe
Saab Launches SAFE

Saab Launches SAFE

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At last week's Skydd 2010 exhibition, Saab presented for the first time its new generation Safety and Security Management System (SAFE).

"We are very proud of our new SAFE system, which is already in use at several customer sites. We thought it was a great opportunity to exhibit our new generation of safety and security management system to all our other customers and collegues within the safety and security business at Skydd 2010," says Lars Jernbacker, Director Civil Security at Saab.

SAFE stands for Situational Awareness for Enhanced Security and is a flexible, scalable and robust Safety & Security Management system designed to provide enhanced situational awareness capabilities for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Response. Based on a powerful Command & Control system and a highly advanced Integration Platform, SAFE provide the ideal core for managing security and efficiency needs in daily operations.

 source: asdnews


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