Rostec Presents T-500A Aircraft with Flotation Landing Gear

10.09.2018 Asia

Rostec Presents T-500A Aircraft with Flotation Landing Gear

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Russian State Corporation Rostec has presented T-500A aircraft with flotation landing gear for water deployment at the Hydroaviasalon-2018 exhibition. This modification can be used to carry out patrol and search and rescue operations in coastal areas, as well as for cargo delivery.

With the flotation landing gear, the T-500A has significantly increased the area and geography of its use. No runways are required in order to operate the new modification of the lightweight all-composite aircraft which can be based on water aerodromes, river and sea ports. Thanks to the technologies used when forming the glider, the machine can be operated in any climate.

“It is a modern multi-functional glider, which can be used for performing a wide range of tasks, such as search and rescue operations for detecting casualties and delivering rescue equipment and medications, delivering various cargoes from mail to urgent cargo, and patrolling coastal and remote areas. At the same time it’s a universal aircraft – its flotation landing gear can be quickly replaced with wheel or ski gear if needed,” said Industrial Director of Rostec Sergey Abramov.

The T-500A is a modification of the T-500 specialized aircraft for aerial chemical works. The project is implemented by ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (part of RT-Chemcomposite Holding Company of Rostec State Corporation) together with MVEN Company (Republic of Tatarstan).

“The T-500 project has great potential. There is a demand for low-maintenance, efficient machines, and not only in agriculture. For example, aircraft such as the T-500A are required by the EMERCOM, and environmental and security services. We plan to continue developing the line of T-500 aircraft,” noticed Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

ORPE Technologiya is manufacturing the T-500 aircraft as part of its strategy to increase the volume of civilian products. In 2017, the share of the company's revenue from sales of civilian products amounted to 19.7%. By 2025, the company plans to increase this figure to 37.4% with the manufacture of the T-500, as well as the introduction of new products to the market.

Rostec Corporation is a Russian corporation that was established in 2007 to facilitate the development, production and export of high-tech industrial products designed for civilian and military applications.

The Corporation comprises over 700 organizations that are currently part of eleven holding companies operating in the military-industrial complex and three holding companies working in civilian industry, as well as over 80 directly managed organizations. Rostec's portfolio includes well-known brands such as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Concern Kalashnikov, Russian Helicopters, UralVagonZavod, etc.

Rostec companies are located in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and supply products to the markets of more than 100 countries. In 2017 the consolidated revenue of Rostec reached 1 trillion 589 billion rubles, while the consolidated net income and EBITDA amounted to 121 and 305 billion rubles respectively. In 2017 the average salary in the Corporation was 46,800 rubles.

According to Rostec’s strategy, the main objective of the Corporation is to ensure that Russia has a technological advantage in highly competitive global markets. Rostec’s key objectives include the introduction of a new techno-economic paradigm and digitalization of Russian economy.

ORPE Technologiya operates in the field of applied research and innovative solutions in the development of new materials, unique constructions and technologies. Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya manufactures products from polymer composite, ceramic and glass materials for aviation and rocket-and-space equipment, transport and weaponry. The production of high-strength glazing for railway transport is a great example of the effective application of military developments to meet the demands of civil industry.



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