South Korea Tests Missile Capable of Reaching North Korea

Reuters05.06.2015 Asia
South Korea Tests Missile Capable of Reaching North Korea

South Korea Tests Missile Capable of Reaching North Korea

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South Korean military has successfully tested ballistic missiles capable of reaching almost any point in North Korean territory, local media reported Tuesday citing the Defense Ministry.

The missile has a range of at least 500 kilometers (310 miles), Yonhap news agency reported. President Park Geun-hye personally oversaw the launch.

Seoul plans to deploy the new missile by the end of this year, the media outlet reported.

Last month, North Korean state media agency KCNA announced that Pyongyang had carried out a ballistic missile launch from a submarine. The launch was personally overseen by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, the agency said. He described the missile as “time bomb which will go off on the backs of our hostile enemies at any time.”

The state press did not specify when or where the launch was carried out, and also kept mum on the size and range of the missile.

Subsequent examination of alleged altered photographs documenting the launch caused many experts to claim the event never happened.

Later that month, Pyongyang announced that it had produced “mini-nukes” and increased the target accuracy of its long-range missiles.

North Korea declared itself a nuclear power in 2005 and conducted a series of underground nuclear weapon tests in 2006, 2009 and 2013. Pyongyang's nuclear program has triggered multiple protests from the international community.

The Korean peninsula formally remains in a state of war since the 1950-1953 Korean War ended in an armistice, but not a final peaceful settlement.

Source: Reuters; AFP; KCNA; Yonhap; Photo: Morning Calm Weekly



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