EDGE Group Announces Expansion of SIATT Manufacturing Base in São Paulo

16.01.2024 South America
EDGE Group Announces Expansion of SIATT Manufacturing Base in São Paulo

EDGE Group Announces Expansion of SIATT Manufacturing Base in São Paulo

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EDGE, one of the world’s leading advanced technology and defence groups, hosted a high-level delegation of government officials from the Sao Paulo State Government at its headquarters and its manufacturing and testing facilities in Abu Dhabi.

During the three-day visit, the delegation met with EDGE Group management and other key Abu Dhabi stakeholders with the objective of exploring potential investments and partnerships in the Sao Paulo State region.

Mansour Al Mulla, Managing Director and CEO of EDGE Group, received the delegation, which was led by Felicio Ramuth, Vice Governor of Sao Paulo, along with Lucas Ferraz, Secretary of International Affairs of the Sao Paulo State Government, Anderson Farias, Mayor of São José dos Campos, and Alexandre Nepomuceno, International Advisory to the Secretary of Public Security. The meeting follows on from previous visits to Sao Paulo by EDGE in 2023 which resulted in the signing of several strategic partnership agreements in the local defence and technology manufacturing ecosystems.

EDGE also announced major developments in the growth of Brazilian smart weapons and high-tech systems specialist, SIATT, over the next two years, following its acquisition of 50% stake in the company.

Founded in 2015, SIATT specialises in the integration of systems with high technological content, which provides solutions to the demands of the defence and aerospace sectors.

Supported by EDGE, SIATT will expand its headquarters and manufacturing base in the city of São José dos Campos, in the State of São Paulo, from 1,000 square meters to approximately 7,000 square meters to accommodate new administrative and engineering offices, as well as laboratories and production facilities.

SIATT will also double its headcount to 200 highly-qualified full-time direct employees. Additionally, is estimated to indirectly generate over 600 further positions, including with highly technological partners and suppliers, contributing to the development of the local talent pool and significantly contributing to the local economy.

Before the acquisition of SIATT in September 2023, EDGE Group had signed a co-development agreement with the Brazilian Navy for advanced long-range anti-ship missile technology, as part of the MANSUP national anti-ship missile project, for which SIATT is providing the guidance, navigation, control and telemetry systems.

The announcement was made during the Brazilian delegation visit to EDGE Group headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Mansour AlMulla, Managing Director & CEO, EDGE, said: “This latest engagement with our Brazilian partners was a great opportunity for us to continue the exploration of joint opportunities and synergies, and to showcase our advanced technology and defence solutions and advanced production and distribution chains – from initial testing and manufacturing to delivery.”

“Our discussions also marked an important step toward our greater objective of fostering growth in Brazil through mutually beneficial partnerships. We thank the Sao Paulo State Government for their invaluable support in our endeavours to further expand EDGE’s presence in the region through knowledge exchange, R&D cooperation and the co-development of advanced defence systems,” he added.

Felicio Ramuth, Vice Governor of Sao Paolo, said: “Our visit to EDGE Group’s headquarters and industrial facilities in Abu Dhabi is an important development in the growing relationship between the UAE and Sao Paulo. While these latest discussions focused on investment into our multi-billion-dollar infrastructure portfolio, we also explored ongoing projects and the development of sovereign capabilities through valuable partnerships, both in the military and commercial sectors. We remain committed to supporting EDGE’s expansion in Brazil while contributing to the local economy of Sao Paulo.”




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