Texelis Celebrates Outstanding Partnership with Yugoimport at Partner 2023 Exhibition

01.10.2023 North America
Texelis Celebrates Outstanding Partnership with Yugoimport at Partner 2023 Exhibition

Texelis Celebrates Outstanding Partnership with Yugoimport at Partner 2023 Exhibition

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At Partner 2023 Armament and Military equipment exhibition, held in Belgrade from 25 to 28 September, Texelis celebrated its outstanding, long-running partnership with Yugoimport on the Milosh and Lazar families of combat vehicles.

Rooted in long-term commitment, trust, technical excellence and close cooperation, that partnership is now embodied by several hundred vehicles produced during the past 8 years.

Since 2015, Texelis has been involved in most vehicles developed by Yugoimport. The company was first selected to provide with mobility elements for the Lazar 3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). It was then selected to provide with the axles for Milosh 4x4 multipurpose vehicle, which arguably offers the best balance on the 4x4 market between mobility, payload and protection.

Building on the success of the Milosh, Yugoimport has recently launched the larger Milosh 2, which benefits from the Texelis' new generation T750 axles and technology for further increased payload, mobility and general transport capability. Throughout the development process of these products, Texelis has been entrusted at the highest level with advising Yugoimport with mobility and general design ideas.

Lazar 3 8x8 Armoured Vehicles:

As of 2023, Texelis has equipped a serious quantity of Lazar 3 8x8 IFVs (photo © Yugoimport), with an ongoing order for T900 axles. Texelis has also equipped Milosh vehicles with its T700 axles. In total, Texelis has contributed to several hundred of Yugoimport vehicles in what has been an exceptional partnership.

Milosh, Milosh 2 and Lazar 3 also have export potential, which could further increase existing fleets in the years to come.

Thisoutstanding partnership with Yugoimport highlights Texelis as a major supplier for Yugoimport, the Serbian Army, but also as a reliable, high-quality supplier of military mobility solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

Milosh 2 4x4 Armoured Vehicle:

In parallel, Texelis has developed new capabilities and now designs complete mobility solutions, integrated in first-rate systems such as the French Army’s Serval 4x4 armoured personnel and systems carrier, developed, qualified and produced in partnership with French leading Defence company Nexter, a company of KNDS. These complete mobility solutions can now be offered to create new vehicles in the framework of strategic partnerships.

Texelis takes pride in the quality of the relationship it creates with its clients and suppliers, which are all regarded as highly trusted partners. That proximity means that Texelis constantly finds new ways of pushing programs forward to meet the partner's specific needs. Texelis delivers.

To better serve its partners, Texelis brings together the expertise of an actual “Team France”, which further develops the long-running ties between France and Serbia.

Texelis is a leader in the design and manufacture of axles, drivelines and complete mobility solutions for 4×4, 6x6 and 8×8 military vehicles. In 2018, the DGA has entrusted the development and implementation contract for Light VBMR to Nexter and Texelis. The Light VBMR fulfils the light vehicle component of France’s “SCORPION” programme.

Texelis is responsible for delivering the full vehicle driveline for integration with the systems produced by Nexter for Serval. This solution has been designed to maximise mobility for the extremely demanding and restrictive environment in which the French Army’s vehicle fleet operates in today’s battlefield, delivering advanced protection, and enhanced strategic and tactical mobility.

Texelis supports both manufacturers and operators throughout the product lifecycle, from initial design through renewal. Permanent attention is paid to the technical, robustness and adaptability to always meet the end-users needs and requirements. By expanding its offer developing chassis and mobility kits for armoured vehicles Texelis is proving all its know-how and technology and is positioning itself as the mobility partner of armoured vehicles of today and tomorrow.

A dual company, Texelis is also a key player in the development, design and manufacture of the current and future generations of mobility systems for railway mobility.

Texelis is expanding its offering to include chassis and mobility kits for monocoque vehicles, demonstrating its expertise and technology, and positioning itself as the mobility partner for armoured vehicles, today and tomorrow.




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