U.S. Navy, 50 Partners Start International Maritime Exercise 2023

07.03.2023 North America
U.S. Navy, 50 Partners Start International Maritime Exercise 2023

U.S. Navy, 50 Partners Start International Maritime Exercise 2023

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The International Maritime Exercise (IMX 2023), carried out by the US Fifth Fleet Command with the participation of 43 countries, in addition to 15 representatives of various maritime forces, kicked off Sunday.

The multinational event is combined with Cutlass Express, which is led by Naval Forces Europe-Africa. Both will involve more than 50 partner-nations and international organizations operating in the Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and East African coastal regions.

Additionally, the combined exercise will include 7,000 personnel, 35 ships and more than 30 unmanned and artificial intelligence systems, the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement.

Participants will focus on five main areas: combined command and control, maritime security, mine countermeasures, unmanned systems and artificial intelligence integration, and global health.

Held in the Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and western Indian Ocean, IMX 2023 activities are viewed as one the largest and most important naval exercises at the regional and international levels.

The exercise aims to orchestrate maritime military concepts among the participating countries and strengthen the naval security system by employing guided systems in the various tactical operations.

The exercise features multiple joint naval drills, primarily operations to combat naval mines with guided systems, maritime search and rescue activities, maritime field medical evacuations, exchange expertise in operating modern unmanned boats, and training VBSS teams.

IMX and Cutlass Express are scheduled to end March 16 and 17, respectively. This is the eighth iteration of IMX since the exercise was established in 2012. (CENTCOM; News Agencies; Photo © CENTCOM)



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