ELT Group Participates in ILA Berlin

07.06.2024 Europe
ELT Group Participates in ILA Berlin

ELT Group Participates in ILA Berlin

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ELT Group is participating in ILA Berlin, the international aerospace event taking place this year from 5 to 9 June. For more than 70 years, ELT Group has been a world leader in Electronic Defense Systems. Thanks to innovative management of the electromagnetic spectrum, achieved through proprietary and integrated technologies, today the brand is an international Group with a multi-domain approach that also covers Cyber, Biodefense and Space, a domain in which the company moved in, with the first payload for ELectronic INTelligence activities, flying today in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and dedicated to the collection of test data.

The experience gained through participation in major European Defense programs including Eurofighter Typhoon, NH-90 NFH, FREMM, PPA, today ELT Group has Customers in more than 30 countries in the World, with more than 3000 systems supplied.

ELT Group gives priority to the German Defence environment expressing it through its 46 years local branch with development and production facilities in Meckenheim and a representative office in Berlin. The Group positioned itself as a supplier of Integrated Electronic Defense Systems for the German government for the most significant defence programs such Tornado, KWS-RMB, KWS-Hornisse, EF Typhoon and NH90. Furthermore, it will enhance its offering with the conception of electronic defence solution on the German naval programs.

By means of its location in Meckenheim, ELT Group provides local operational and technical logistical support for its systems as well as distinguished engineering capabilities for the development of Radar/EW test & evaluation solutions, such as the WTD71 EW-Simulator, including the foreseen development of EW Digital Twin environments. The Group has the plan to further promote its contributions in Germany developing further engineering, production and logistic support capabilities with also a defined involvement in all the initiative in the Country.

To get to this ELT Group will put in play all its main technological capabilities: radiofrequency, cyber and electro-optic, enabled by AI functionalities, ready to be applied in all domains including the recent developments in the Land domain.

The ILA event is also an opportunity to explore collaborations in the space domain, so relevant in the German security and defence doctrine, already pioneered with the launch of the ELINT payload Scorpio.

The political framework created by the Italo-German Action Plan is a further incentive for ELT Group, whose projection on both Nations is a significant element in consolidating the possibilities of a solid partnership under the umbrella of the concept and implementation of a Europe of Defense.

ELT Group is headquartered in Italy and has a presence in 11 countries located on 3 continents through sales offices and companies of strategic importance and local law in Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Also part of the ELT Group are CY4GATE, which specializes in Cyber security and Cyber Intelligence, E4Life, Italy's first Biodefense company and Solynx Corporation, a US-based technology scouting company.



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