PGZ, MBDA Making Rapid Progress on “Mała NAREW”

07.09.2022 Europe
PGZ, MBDA Making Rapid Progress on “Mała NAREW”

PGZ, MBDA Making Rapid Progress on “Mała NAREW”

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PGZ and its subsidiaries, PIT-RADWAR, JELCZ and WZU, working hand-in-hand with MBDA have been making rapid progress on the short-range air defence (SHORAD) solution, known as “Mała NAREW”, with the first two Polish iLaunchers of the system already in Poland undergoing integration and trials ahead of delivery to the customer.

This project aims to deliver rapidly two SHORAD-class fire units equipped with CAMM missiles, integrated with SOŁA radar stations and the Polish C2 system.

The “Mała NAREW” units are being adapted to work within one SHORAD class solution. Functional integration of the radar stations, C2 systems and CAMM missile fire control software is going hand-in-hand with the physical integration of subsequent iLauncher with JELCZ trucks chassis. The first training sessions for operators of iLauncher and Polish components of the “Mała NAREW” system has already been conducted.

Sebastian Chwałek, CEO of PGZ S.A. said: “By implementing this program, we strengthen our credibility as a strategic partner for the army, ready to provide advanced air defence systems at record pace. We treat “Mała NAREW”  as a test ground before the NAREW program, showing what our capabilities are and how to cooperate with major foreign partner MBDA UK on a joint project. We believe that this relationship will translate into further successes, both for our companies and the armies that will trust us to bring their air defence into XXI century.”

Chris Allam, Managing Director of MBDA UK, said: “We’re proud that the co-operation between MBDA and PGZ achieved the arrival of the first air defence hardware into Poland in an incredibly short timeframe. The successes of the “mała Narew” project are a very positive indicator for the success of PGZ-MBDA co-operation on the wider NAREW project that will include extensive transfer of technology and knowledge to Poland on missiles and launchers.”

The “Mała NAREW” program, in addition to the fire units themselves, also includes a training and logistics package. Under the project, PGZ and MBDA are conducting integration of selected British and Polish elements of air defence systems as well as provide technical support for the ordered equipment at the operational stage. The contract provides for the delivery of the first “Mała NAREW” fire unit this year, and the second in 2023.

MBDA is the only European defence group capable of designing and producing missiles and missile systems that correspond to the full range of current and future operational needs of the three armed forces (land, sea and air).

With a significant presence in five European countries and within the USA, in 2021 MBDA achieved revenue of 4.2 billion euros with an order book of 17.8 billion euros. In total, the group offers a range of 45 missile systems and countermeasures products already in operational service and more than 15 others currently in development.

MBDA is jointly owned by Airbus (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%), and Leonardo (25%).

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) is a capital group concentrating several dozen production plants, service facilities and research centres crucial for the Polish defence industry.

PGZ manufactures innovative systems and solutions used by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and allied formations. The Group’s offer encompasses: modern radiolocation and radar systems, rifles and optoelectronics, wheeled armoured transporters, barrel artillery, unmanned air systems and systems supporting battle filed management.





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