Leonardo Highlights Innovation, Digitalization & Sustainability at ILA Berlin Airshow

22.06.2022 Europe
Leonardo Highlights Innovation, Digitalization & Sustainability at ILA Berlin Airshow

Leonardo Highlights Innovation, Digitalization & Sustainability at ILA Berlin Airshow

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At a moment when European Defense is again central to international debate, Leonardo is attending the ILA Berlin Airshow (22-26 June) to highlight how advanced technology can play a key role in the security of nations and their citizens. The company is also be promoting its innovative digital aerospace solutions and demonstrating how the company can play a role in the sector’s economic and environmental sustainability.

Leonardo invests almost 13% of its annual revenue in research and development to enhance its enabling technologies, such as high resolution infrared detectors or the underpinning elements of multifunctional AESA radars, as well as developing new products and innovative solutions across domains.

Through the so-called Leonardo Labs, a network of laboratories dedicated to the development of frontier and breakthrough technologies for the digital world, the company, in collaboration with more than 90 universities and research centers in the world, is developing its skills and capabilities in many fields including Artificial Intelligence, Future Aircraft Technologies and Electronics Sensing, Future Rotorcraft Technologies, Quantum Technologies.

Thanks to the acquisition of the 25.1% of the shares in Hensoldt AG, Leonardo has established a strategic long-term partnership with the leading German Defense Electronics company, which will allow to develop cooperation and pursue joint opportunities in the field of sensors, data management and robotics, establishing the two companies as leading players in the European market of defense electronics. In this sector, Leonardo presents at ILA its Electronics Warfare products for the protection of air platform including Miysis DIRCM (Directed InfraRed CounterMeasure), MAIR missile warning system and BriteCloud countermeasure.

Leonardo is the only company in Europe which can offer the full range of uncrewed solutions for civil and military customers, including providing security for a customer’s airspace. As member of leading international uncrewed programs such as EuroDrone, Leonardo’s portfolio includes fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms, sensors, mission and ground control systems, drone navigation and traffic management, Counter-UAS and training services. In Berlin, Leonardo is highlighting its Falco EVO uncrewed airborne surveillance system (photo), as well as the Mirach 40 (M-40) target drone. Developed in-house by Leonardo, the M-40 is a readily exportable solution that supports armed forces training by convincingly mimicking a variety of aircraft and missiles including radar, infrared (IR) and visual threats.

In combat air training, the International Flight Training School (IFTS), a partnership between Italian Air Force and Leonardo, recently awarded the first Phase IV (Advanced/Lead-In to Fighter Training) diploma to two pilots of the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, following their completion of nine months training. The IFTS, based on Leonardo’s M-346 advanced jet trainer, represents an international center of excellence, with the aim of training pilots to operate the latest generation fighters, providing them with the technical and procedural skills necessary for deployment in modern, increasingly complex operational scenarios.

Also in German combat air, the country’s decision to purchase 38 brand-new Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft represents a clear commitment to Europe’s defense industry and its largest collaborative industrial project. A number of upcoming technological and program development opportunities that will ensure that the Typhoon continues to play a leading role within customer air forces as they move into the future. By successfully delivering operational advantage through continued capability developments, Eurofighter will be as vital to Europe’s defense in the future as it is today.

In the helicopter sector, the latest generation AW169M (4.8 ton) and AW139M (7 ton) multirole helicopters are perfectly suited to meet evolving military training requirements, preparing crews for transition to advanced frontline models for operations over land and sea. The AW169 has also found growing success for law enforcement and versatile public service operations in Europe and worldwide, including homeland security and special ops, SAR/MEDEVAC, surveillance and firefighting.  

Telespazio (a joint venture between Leonardo, 67%, and Thales, 33%), through its subsidiary Telespazio Germany, is also present at ILA. The company is showcasing its innovative solutions in ground segments for space missions. These include the EASE suite and its latest training and simulation offerings for the defense and aviation sectors.

Leonardo, a global high-technology company, is among the top world players in Aerospace, Defense and Security and Italy’s main industrial company. Organized into five business divisions, Leonardo has a significant industrial presence in Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland and the USA, where it also operates through subsidiaries that include Leonardo DRS (defense electronics), and joint ventures and partnerships: ATR, MBDA, Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space and Avio.

Leonardo competes in the most important international markets by leveraging its areas of technological and product leadership (Helicopters, Aircraft, Aerostructures, Electronics, Cyber Security and Space).

In 2020 Leonardo recorded consolidated revenues of €13.4 billion and invested €1.6 billion in Research and Development.



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