Nexter Showcases Anti-Drone & Ground-Air Defense Solutions at Eurosatory

16.06.2022 Europe
Nexter Showcases Anti-Drone & Ground-Air Defense Solutions at Eurosatory

Nexter Showcases Anti-Drone & Ground-Air Defense Solutions at Eurosatory

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Faced with the increasing emergence of new air threats in today’s theatres of operation, Nexter is exhibiting solutions that meet the needs of anti-drone and ground-air defense on its stand at Eurosatory which closes in Paris (13-17 June 2022).

Today, Nexter is able to integrate various solutions available on the market on its vehicles, from 4x4 vehicles to combat tanks. In partnership with Thales, Nexter offers the RAPIDFire weapon system for low altitude ground-air defense. In the future, Nexter will position itself as a system integrator for new anti-drone systems.

At Eurosatory 2022, Nexter is presenting weapon systems such as the ARX 30 (photo) and RAPIDFire, equipped with medium-caliber guns, offering surface-to-surface and surface-to-air capabilities to counter new threats such as drones, missiles or loitering munitions at short and medium range.

These weapon systems have the advantage of being able to deal with a large number of simultaneous threats such as a swarm of drones, to adapt the munition rapidly to the target in the face of combined threats, to benefit from excellent reactivity at short range and, above all, to have a very low cost in the face of often inexpensive targets.

For protection up to 1500m, Nexter is developing the ARX 30 C-UAV (available by 2025). This remotely operated weapon system uses the 30M781 cannon, which equips the Tiger helicopter. This electromechanically operated gun, which uses NATO-standard 30x113 ammunition, is effective on small and medium-sized ground and air targets. Its compactness and low recoil force make it suitable for integration on all types of vehicles and chassis, as a primary or secondary weapon. It is presented in a C-UAV version, coupled with a MATIA radar.

To protect larger units up to 4,000m, Nexter is presenting the RAPIDFire in its land version with a 1/10th scale model identical to the naval version that will equip the new French Navy's supply ships (BRF) from the end of the year. This remotely operated multi-role artillery system, armed with the JAGUAR's 40CTA gun, is equipped with its own tracking and pointing systems designed by Thales. Accurate and ergonomic, RAPIDFire offers a close-in self-defence capability against surface and air threats, from the smallest civilian drone to rockets, missiles, helicopters and aircraft.

Nexter presents these weapon systems, integrated on different platforms, allowing the destruction of air targets:

  • The ARX 30 integrated on the SERVAL (1/10th scale model)
  • The ARX 30 integrated on the EMBT technology demonstrator
  • A SERVAL equipped with an MBDA ATLAS RC turret firing Mistral missiles
  • A TITUS augmented mission equipped with an anti-drone kit (the ARX 30 turret associated with the MATIA radar and integrating the NEROD microwave jammer gun from MC2 technologies)
  • A CERBAIR Hydra 300 UAV detection antenna installed on the VBCI MkII's T40 turret, recently successfully tested in this configuration,

Nexter, the leading French land defense company and one of the main European players in the ammunition sector is part of the KNDS Group. The scope of its business includes as well the supply of weapon systems and ammunition for air and naval forces. The group continues to apply its international development policy with several order intakes in 2021 intended for the export market.

In France, Nexter is fully committed to meeting the objectives of the SCORPION program, through the upgrade of the Leclerc tank and the development and production of the VBMR GRIFFON and EBRC JAGUAR vehicles within the temporary business venture between Nexter, Thales and Arquus, as well as the Lightweight VBMR SERVAL (with Texelis).

The group’s range of products also includes TITUS® and VBCI armored vehicles, CAESAR® and 105LG1 artillery systems, smart ammunition (BONUS®, KATANA®), robots and many equipment.

Nexter’s 2021 turnover amounted to €1.3 billion, including 30% devoted to customer services, from training to fleet management to support and revaluation.


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