KNDS, European MBT Powerhouse, Presents its Know-How at Eurosatory

15.06.2022 Europe
KNDS, European MBT Powerhouse, Presents its Know-How at Eurosatory

KNDS, European MBT Powerhouse, Presents its Know-How at Eurosatory

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KNDS (KMW+NEXTER Defense Systems) is well recognized as the world leader in Main Battle Tanks (MBT), with systems in service in more than 20 countries.

With high-level technical know-how and a strong capacity to innovate, KNDS has always been able to adapt to the operational needs of its customers and still demonstrates it today through the ongoing modernization programs for Leclerc and Leopard 2 MBTs in service in the French and German armies, as in foreign armies.

Thanks to KNDS’ recognized expertise, these state-of-the-art systems will benefit from enhanced protection (APS, add-on armor against IED and RPG-type threats), improved mobility and integration into the collaborative combat environment in order to remain champions in their class for the next decades.

In a context marked by the return of high-intensity combat, KNDS also offers new capabilities while modifying the approach to armored combat and thus ensuring tactical superiority. KNDS is fully aware of the ongoing exponentially accelerated new technology developments and their potential impact on operational capabilities. Therefore, KNDS is continuously analyzing how to match concepts of operations (CONOPS) and opportunities offered by new technologies in order to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency permanently.

On its booth at Euorasatory 2022 exhibition (Paris, 13-17 Junee), KNDS is presenting various innovative concepts like manned/unmanned turrets approaching the design of future MBTs and MGCS tracked modular mission systems:

  • The EMBT presented at Eurosatory represents a new experimental platform, featuring a 4 men crew concept (2 men turret, 2 men chassis) with an evolutionary 120mm turret coupled to a new generation ammunition (Shard) and a completely new and reconfigurable MMI. This allows dynamic task allocation and testing of “innovative crew concepts” with variable number of crew stations including the presence of a System Operator: as a response to the cognitive workload of the tank commander, it enables to leverage the full potential of an extensive sensors and effectors suite while progress is being made on AI technologies. The platform includes a modern power pack with digital control allowing drive-by-wire, which is a prerequisite for remoted automated driving operations and manned/unmanned teaming. The 30mm RCWS located on the turret introduces counter-UAV capability.
  • As a major player in the MGCS program, KNDS is also preparing the future of the main armament by presenting the new ASCALON gun and ammunition concept. This innovative concept, while proposing significant growth potential, delivers performance levels that current technologies do not offer. Taking advantage of its long experience with the 120mm smoothbore gun, its mastery of compact ammunition as well as of the maturity achieved during firing campaigns with a 140mm caliber, KNDS designed ASCALON with an open architecture to serve as a basis for cooperative development within the framework of the Franco-German MGCS program, laying the foundations for the future standard of European tank gun and ammunition.

The BOXER tracked exploiting the application of the wheeled Boxer (mission) modularity is developed for the same purpose. The BOXER tracked is equipped for the Eurosatory 2022 with a Remote-Controlled Turret 120.  Due to its new design, the major benefit is that the weapon system itself is not diving into the chassis area. This is achieved via a new approach of weapon recoil mechanism. By this, the chassis can be optimized for crew operation and protection without the crew being disturbed and affected by the effect of the operation of the main gun.

KNDS arose from the merger of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and Nexter, two of the leading European manufacturers of military land systems, based in Germany and France.

The Group’s product range covers main battle tanks, armored vehicles, artillery systems, weapon systems, ammunition, military bridges, customer service, battle management systems, training solutions, solutions for protection systems and a wide range of equipment.

KNDS employs 8,767 people and reported a turnover of 2.7 billion euro and an order intake of 2.8 billion euro for 2021. Its order book thus stands at around 10.7 billion euro. KNDS is headquartered in Amsterdam.



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