ASELSAN “Embarks on a Journey of Innovation” at World Defense Show

07.02.2024 Asia
ASELSAN “Embarks on a Journey of Innovation” at World Defense Show

ASELSAN “Embarks on a Journey of Innovation” at World Defense Show

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ASELSAN is exhibiting at World Defense Show, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 04-08 February 2024. With its motivation “Embarking on a journey of innovation” at this show, the company is showcasing unique defense solutions and highlight new additional capabilities to existing well known systems.

ASELSAN is proud to be represented at World Defense Show 2024 with its broad spectrum of solutions and the team is excited to meet again with professionals around the world. The display of ASELSAN at World Defense Show includes a wide range of systems inter alia air defense, communication, security systems, electronic warfare and electro optics solutions and many more.

The company points out its Air and Missile Defense System GÜRZ which will be part of particular interest. In order to fulfill its clients’ requirements, the company designed and developed several air defense systems and at World Defense Show this year, GÜRZ makes its debut abroad. GÜRZ is a Multi-Purpose Short/Very Short Range, Autonomous, Air and Missile Defense System. GÜRZ System mission is to provide layered air and missile defense for stationary/moving forces and high value assets against, all UAVs from micro mini to class 5, helicopters, fighter aircrafts, cruise missiles, mini guided bombs and air-to-ground missiles.

Beyond the array of several UAV payloads, ASELSAN has also expanded its portfolio in this activity area to serve better to its users by providing operational advantage and being future-proof against emerging challenges. ASELSAN offers state-of-the art Electro Optics systems for the use of Unmanned Systems. At World Defense Show this year the company exhibits its new generation, high performance 15-inch electro-optic system ASELFLIR-500.

This system includes HD thermal camera, 8 mp day tv camera, HD SWIR camera, laser range finder and designator, laser pointer and illuminator, and laser spot tracker.

ASELFLIR-500 is designed for MALE (i.e. TB-2, ANKA-S) & HALE (i.e. Akıncı, Aksungur) class UAVs, fixed wing platforms (i.e. Hürkuş, Meltem), and rotary wing platforms.

Another important system ASELSAN showcases at World Defense Show is Mini EW POD. Mini EW POD is an Electronic Attack System that can be easily integrated into unmanned aerial vehicles with its small size and low weight, and has the ability to apply various jamming techniques. The system provides stand-in jamming, escort jamming, self-protection features for UAVs.

“I look forward to the outcomes of this exhibition and together with our team we will stand ready to provide our expertise and support to our partners, clients and visitors onsite. Due to our extensive know-how that we bring together within this business as well as our wide range of experience gained in high technological projects, we can offer all-around solutions; some of them presented at World Defense Show this year. By defining sustainable service as the core of our business, as ASELSAN we aim to contribute to the safety and welfare of our clients.” said Ahmet AKYOL, President & CEO of ASELSAN.

ASELSAN aims to produce sustainable solutions with critical capabilities that ensure every decision-making moment safer, faster and more secure. With its client centric approach, ASELSAN’s solutions are being successfully used by 86 different countries today and with its adopted “local to global business” consciousness the company enhance its presence all over the world day by day.




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