Arquus Showcases VAB MK3 Vehicle at World Defense Show

05.02.2024 Asia
Arquus Showcases VAB MK3 Vehicle at World Defense Show

Arquus Showcases VAB MK3 Vehicle at World Defense Show

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Arquus is present at the World Defense Show which is held from 4 to 8 February 2024 in Saudi Arabia.

Industrial Cooperation: The Answer for Tailored Solutions

Since its creation, Arquus has positioned itself as a key and sustainable player in both design, production, and maintenance of systems and tactical armored vehicles. Being present again for the 2nd edition of the World Defense Show (WDS) - Hall 1 / French Pavilion / F9.4 -, which will take place from February 4 to 8, 2024, is an opportunity for Arquus to reaffirm its industrial cooperation capabilities in key geographical areas such as Africa and the Middle East, and to showcase its extensively tested vehicle range.

Building Strong Relationships with Key Market Players

Arquus develops strong bilateral relationships with its partners to offer complete vehicle manufacturing that meets the client's specific requirements. In the context of industrial cooperation, Arquus distinguishes itself by supporting local teams with skill and technology transfers to independently design modern vehicles suited to the needs of local armies.

The deployment of industrial cooperation perfectly fits geographical imperatives and establishes a real customer relationship by integrating local partners.

This type of partnership has already proven successful with iconic vehicles from Arquus range such as SHERPA and VAB.

The VAB is the perfect example of a successful industrial cooperation. Arquus has already collaborated with a Middle Eastern country to modernize an entire fleet of this vehicle.

The Middle Eastern VABs benefit from performance improvements in drivetrain, braking capabilities, and steering elements.

To support its clients, Arquus experts specialize in various services, including localizing training, warranty and initial support for the first vehicles built in France; gradual vehicle assembly and enhancing maintenance skills; assisting in coordinating the setup of lines such as local industry production or assembly lines; in-country sourcing, etc.

It is with all these services that the vehicles maintain enhanced, unparalleled performance, perfectly adapted to various tension situations, taking into account geographical, financial, or geopolitical challenges.

The VAB MK3: A Vehicle Ready for Any Challenge

An emblematic vehicle of Arquus offering, the VAB MK3 presented at the WDS is part of the 6x6 medium vehicles that offer very high-level performance in terms of mobility, protection, and payload, allowing it to fulfill many missions from troop transport to fire support, backed by the latest generation systems. The VAB MK3 has been extensively tested on various terrains for over 40 years, especially in the Middle East.

The VAB MK3 is a modular and configurable vehicle in many versions to best meet customer needs. At WDS, it is presented with its John Cockerill Defense CP WS25 turret which offers an internal reloading capability.

Its low silhouette and compact size enhance the VAB MK3's stealth and practicality in rugged or mountainous terrain.

Arquus is a French defence company and a leader in ground mobility solutions. As a long-standing partner of the armed forces, Arquus has almost 25,000 vehicles of all types in service with the French Army, including 20,000 supported by the company. Arquus is involved in the production of the new generation of Army vehicles, the VBMR

Griffon and EBRC Jaguar, produced by the temporary consortium. In particular, Arquus is responsible for supplying the drivelines and the remotely operated self-defence systems for these two vehicles. Arquus also provides all the logistics for replacement parts and units for the VBMR and EBRC vehicles under the Scorpion programme through its logistics platform at Garchizy (France).

As a support specialist, with almost 20,000 vehicles supported on a routine basis, Arquus offers complete solutions, drawing on the company’s historic competencies.

Arquus is an innovative company, investing in major projects such as architecture, survivability, mobility, energy, robotics, fire support and support. As a complete systems integration manufacturer, Arquus also offers remotely operated turrets (Hornet range, developed for the Scorpion programme), vetronics solutions (Battlenet) and mobility solutions (4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 chassis). Arquus exports to more than 60 countries.




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