Iranian Army Concludes Two-Day ‘Eqtedar-1402’ Military Drill

FNA Mehr29.10.2023 Asia
Iranian Army Concludes Two-Day ‘Eqtedar-1402’ Military Drill

Iranian Army Concludes Two-Day ‘Eqtedar-1402’ Military Drill

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The Iranian Army’s ‘Eqtedar 1402’ military exercise started in the Nasrabad region of Isfahan on Friday with the presence of senior military commanders, including Deputy Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh.

Brigadier General Karim Cheshak, the spokesman for the Eqtedar-1402 military exercise, said that infantry, armored, missile, artillery, air force, drone, engineering, electronic warfare, modern warfare, cyber, ICT units participated in the exercise. Transport and support planes were also present, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

He added that the ‘Eqtedar-1402‘ military exercise, in accordance with the new organizational combat structure, emphasizes 4 characteristics of distance, accuracy, intelligence, automation, and network-oriented equipment, and these 4 characteristics are evaluated in the field in different stages of this exercise.

Regarding the objectives of this exercise, Brigadier General Cheshak stated that the goals of this exercise are to assess the level of capability of combat units and support of the Army’s Ground Force, review ground combat tactics, operational assessment of new weapons, improve the deterrence power in the face of new threats, and also develop stable security.

“In this two-day exercise, in the first phase of the ground and air transfer, we will have 4 combat brigades, a combat engineering group, an artillery group, and other forces from different regions of the country simultaneously, under the command of the Northeast Regional Headquarters,” he said.

He pointed out that in the next stage, “we have on the agenda the implementation of reconnaissance operations and the collection of news and information using drone, electronic, and electronic eavesdropping systems of the intelligence forces”.

The Deputy of Army Ground Forces Operations continued that in the third and fourth stages of this exercise, the planning and implementation of coastal defense operations, the planning and implementation of night air operations, and the final stage of planning and implementation of offensive operations in order to destroy the attacking forces in ‘Sarpol’ district are on the agenda. 



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