Mohammed Al Falasi, General Manager, APT: Innovations in Smoke on the Battlefield

14.07.2022 Products
Mohammed Al Falasi, General Manager, APT: Innovations in Smoke on the Battlefield

Mohammed Al Falasi, General Manager, APT: Innovations in Smoke on the Battlefield

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Established in 2016, APT (Advanced Pyrotechnics) is the leading regional manufacturer of high-performance pyrotechnics and non-lethal technologies to support armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

Smoke on the battlefield is paramount to operational and tactical success. Smoke and obscurants are used to enhance communications, camouflage friendly movements and degrade enemy operations.

The tactical and operational use of coloured smoke has, and remains to be, a critical component of battlefield communications. It identifies targets or friendly forces during close air support, attack helicopter operations and other fire support tasks. It also supports prearranged battlefield communications for control measures, link-up operations, tactical cues, evacuations and more.

In land warfare, smoke camouflages infantry movement in areas of enemy fire or conceals withdrawal. Screening smoke can provide a low-cost countermeasure against visual, infrared or radar sensors, which might be used by the enemy to enhance their vision of the battlefield. Therefore, screening smoke increases a soldier’s survivability and enhances the effectiveness of military forces.

Smoke in tactical operations will not be replaced any time soon, and innovations in smoke and screening grenades can drive militaries to equip themselves with state-of-the-art, dependable solutions tailored to their needs. While the principles and technology of smoke may not be rapidly advancing, innovations in the devices that expel this essential emission are taking place.

APT, an advanced pyrotechnics and non-lethal munitions manufacturer, is modernising the smoke grenade industry in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region as it focuses on customisable, hybrid solutions.

The company designs, customises and produces high quality hand grenades and 37/40 mm projectiles for signaling, masking, training, and crowd control, at its cutting-edge facilities. Its coloured smoke hand grenades are available in standard 40mm and 60mm cans in either red, green, yellow, blue, gray, orange, purple or white smoke. Organic dyes delivered in water-resistant, aluminum cans ensure environmentally friendly operations as well as a long shelf life.

Customisable hand grenades can prove to be a major differentiator when compared to standard hand grenades, as armies may need precise sizes and timing of their coloured smoke. APT is able to adjust density, speed of deployment, and burning duration of the smoke cloud, as well as the grenade’s width and height. Their standard burning time ranges from 40 to 120 seconds.

Screening infantry and crucial assets reliably, on time, and under any environmental conditions, is fundamental for giving a tactical advantage and protecting soldiers. That is why APT’s 60mm white or grey screening smoke hand grenades provide quick camouflage. Their grenades rapidly develop a dense smoke with burning times of 25 to 45 seconds, reacting perfectly under dry and cold conditions, as well as in humid and hot weather. The hazard-free material also ensures the grenades have no health impact on personnel.

The quality and reliability of coloured and screening smoke hand grenades needs to be on the high-end. APT has adopted military standards and German-technology specifications in accordance with EU-REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations. It is also registered with the NATO Codification Bureau and comply with international standards of safety and performance.

Solutions for smoke deployment on the battlefield need to address the operational requirements of armies. Customisable solutions for coloured and screening smoke hand grenades can provide ground forces with advanced, tailored capabilities. Additionally, when produced by a company with cutting-edge facilities and experienced engineers and chemists, these products can provide solutions that ensure the highest chances of survivability of troops, and significant tactical and operational successes. (Attributed to: Mohammed Al Falasi, General Manager, APT; Photo © APT/EDGE Group)


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