HENSOLDT Presents Interoperable Solutions at World Defense Show

07.03.2022 Asia
HENSOLDT Presents Interoperable Solutions at World Defense Show

HENSOLDT Presents Interoperable Solutions at World Defense Show

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HENSOLDT is a globally leading independent supplier of premium sensors to serve the higher purpose of securing the freedom and future of our planet, our nature, and our lives.

At World Defense Show (WDS), HENSOLDT is presenting some interoperable products to be deployed on various platforms, including helicopters, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, ships and armored vehicles as well as Integrated Security Solutions. The WDS is taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 6-9 March 2022.

With ARGOS, a high end airborne optronics gimbal suitable for use on a variety of airborne platforms, we have more than 18,000 operational flight hours within GCC Armed Forces. More than 800 ARGOS are used by customers worldwide with a high track record of reliability and efficiency. ARGOS constantly evolves to suit customer requirements and HENSOLDT involves local industries to participate in such developments.

HENSOLDT’s solutions have been in use for more than 15 years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with participation of local industries in the delivery and the support of such system.

Based on such experience and know-how and in the occasion of the WDS, HENSOLDT is launching a new affordable naval radar to fit the requirements of performance and high level of localization: The QUADOME

The new QUADOME naval, air and surface surveillance radar offers the latest state of the art AESA stacked beam radar technology, with electronic stabilization at an unrivalled price-performance ratio. The highly configurable software designed system is capable of simultaneous, multiple 3D tracking of air and surface targets including the littorals. Fast detection and track initiation of small, slow and fast air targets allows for an exceedingly reliable and stable air picture.

To complement the naval sensors capabilities and to combat asymmetric threats at sea, HENSOLDT has developed a collaborative and intuitive close-in Defense Management System for warships when operating in littoral waters, straits or ports. LYNCEADefend, presented for the first time in Middle-East in our booth at WDS, works with a front-line ship’s CMS or as a lighter dedicated C2 system and optimally protects warship in time-critical situations accelerating the doubt removal, decision-making and reaction process to ensure fast engagement capability. The Multi Touch Tactical Table (MT3) enhances decisional performance thanks to data centralization and collaborative exploitation while smart decision-making aids are provided by means of real-time advanced vessels, behavior analysis algorithms and intuitive visual representation of threats assessment.

Based on its “Detect and Protect” mission, HENSOLDT offers state-of-the-art flexible, configurable and integrated sensor solutions for a wide variety of security applications and civil uses: from border security to wildlife protection, critical infrastructure protection to military base security. The company’s flexible approach uses versatile technology by adapting military know-how to the security and civilian world, and is illustrated at WDS with its Single Mast Solution (SMS).

SMS combines Radar, Optronics and highly developed software capability to allow protection of our heritage and our homeland. The SMS is already in service worldwide to protect wildlife, for example Rhino Park in South Africa and offshore fish farms in Europe. The SMS is being actively trialed in a number of areas with respect to a number of sensitive security tasks, including Royal Palace protection in the Middle east region. SMS is a modular and versatile Security Solution which can be mounted on lightweight tripods, integrated into a Homeland Security-type Vehicle (powered from vehicle and outside power sources including solar power) or mounted on temporary or fixed tower infrastructures.  Examples of SMS have been deployed in all above-mentioned roles across the world, and more are on their way.

HENSOLDT Analytics is a leading provider of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), media monitoring and analysis. HENSOLDT Analytics’ Media Mining System is a comprehensive end-to-end platform for OSINT analysts and decision-makers that is able to extract information from multilingual unstructured multimedia data sources, analyses and turn them into actionable intelligence. Continuous innovation at the leading edge of research drives HENSOLDT Analytics’ vision of creating technologies, which enable advanced analytical capabilities. HENSOLDT Analytics is a member of several renowned scientific and industry associations in the field of language technology and regularly participates in numerous research and commercial projects worldwide.

HENSOLDT is proud that partners around the Middle-East North-Africa (MENA) regions have selected the company for its high-end electronic warfare solutions from South-Africa.

HENSOLDT is providing fully-integrated, turnkey tactical electronic warfare systems (TEWS), expertly incorporating interconnected and diverse entities into advanced systems that seamlessly offer situational awareness, intelligence and countermeasures.

These systems integrate the latest and most advanced products and solutions for fast wideband interception, monitoring, direction-finding, analysis and jamming in the HF, V/UHF and SHF frequency bands. The products also protect the forces carrying out these missions.

HENSOLDT’s offer to monitor and control the electromagnetic spectrum is completed by high end multirole counter-RCIED systems which allow forces to safely accomplish their mission in a dense RF threat environment.

This gives customers true spectrum dominance, as it acts as a force-multiplier and ultimately gives customers the tactical and strategic advantage in their field of operations for military, intelligence and security applications.

Built on years of experience in radio monitoring and intelligence systems, HENSOLDT’s spectrum management and monitoring solutions (SMMS) perfectly address the needs of telecommunications regulators. Using cutting-edge frequency monitoring products and advanced management software and technical analysis tools, the company enables regulators to effectively plan and manage the radio frequency spectrum allocation.

HENSOLDT GROUP has a leading market position in Europe and a global reach able to develop and provide sensor solutions covering the whole spectrum for space, air, sea, land and security missions in the vision of the WDS “Ultimate Defense Interoperability”.


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