Air Navigation, Aviation Safety Meetings for Middle East Conclude in Riyadh

Photo: SPA Saudi Press Agency (SPA)21.02.2022 Aviation & Space
Air Navigation, Aviation Safety Meetings for Middle East Conclude in Riyadh

Air Navigation, Aviation Safety Meetings for Middle East Conclude in Riyadh

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The 19th Meeting of the Middle East Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group and the 9th Meeting of the Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Group, organized by Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation, in cooperation with the Regional Office of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the Middle East, concluded in Riyadh Thursday.

The meetings took place with the participation of officials of civil aviation authorities in the member states, ICAO representatives, the Arab Civil Aviation Organization, the International Air Transport Association in the Middle East, as well as several international aviation industry organizations, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The meetings, which started on February 14, 2022, resulted in the election of Saudi Arabia as the Chairman of the Regional Aviation Safety Group for the Middle East of the International Civil Aviation Organization by the Member States.

During the meetings, the participants discussed several issues, including the latest international developments in air navigation, the outcomes of the World Safety Conference 2021, the impact of the Corona pandemic on the aviation sector, the outputs of regional work teams in air navigation, airports, environment, and meteorology, in addition to the preparations for the Middle East region to manage traffic flow for the 2022 World Cup event in Qatar.

The Kingdom also participated in several working papers, including its current practice in the protection of aviation systems, where the Middle East countries and the participating organizations were briefed on the latest developments of infrastructure projects for air navigation and search and rescue systems, the latest environmental sustainability models for airports, besides the various working papers submitted during the meetings.

The participants recommended ensuring the continuous and consistent development of international civil aviation in the Middle East and with neighboring regions per the international rules and recommendations issued by ICAO and the global air navigation plan for air navigation systems and air traffic management and facilitating and coordinating the implementation of the provision of air navigation services to ensures safety, regularity, and efficiency in the Middle East.

The international civil aviation sector performance is based on the principle of cooperation between the contracting states with the organization, where the contracting members implement their international obligations to enhance the safety and efficiency of the aviation sector to achieve sustainable growth in an integrated manner among the member states in the Middle East as well as between the neighboring regions. 



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