Morocco Acquires Chinese ‘Red Arrow 9A’ Anti-Tank Missiles

07.06.2023 Africa
Morocco Acquires Chinese ‘Red Arrow 9A’ Anti-Tank Missiles

Morocco Acquires Chinese ‘Red Arrow 9A’ Anti-Tank Missiles

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Morocco has once again turned to China to bolster its military capabilities.

The Royal Moroccan Navy recently showcased its newly-acquired Chinese HJ-9A anti-tank missile system, the Red Arrow 9A, TheDefensePost reported.

The weapon was used in a training exercise as part of the 67th anniversary celebration of the country’s Armed Forces.

Designed to engage armored vehicles and fortified structures, the HJ-9A includes a tandem warhead that can penetrate reactive armor to a depth of 1.2 meters (3.9 feet).

It has two separate explosive charges for more effective target destruction at a maximum range of 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles).

Additionally, the system features a radar guidance system that utilizes millimeter wave technology for improved strike accuracy.

The Red Arrow 9A reportedly provides versatility in various combat scenarios, as it can be mounted on vehicles or deployed on the ground using a tripod.

Morocco’s acquisition demonstrates its commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities amid emerging threats in the region.

The procurement is also expected to transform the Royal Moroccan Navy into a technologically-advanced and robust military force.

Apart from the HJ-9A, the Moroccan military operates other anti-tank systems, such as the HJ-8L that can hit targets up to 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) away.

China has recently affirmed its determination to increase relations with Rabat to a “new level,” including in defense, TheDefensePost added.

In 2021, Morocco formally inaugurated its first military base housing a Chinese long-range air defense system.

The Royal Moroccan Army also procured advanced military drones from the Asian military powerhouse to replace an older type of Chinese drone in its inventory. (By Joe Saballa, TheDefensePost; Photo: Red Arrow 9A (HJ-9A) mounted on an Otokar Cobra © Jeremy Binnie via Twitter)




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