Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation Launches Airport Service Diploma Program

Saudi Gazette; Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation19.01.2022 Aviation & Space
Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation Launches Airport Service Diploma Program

Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation Launches Airport Service Diploma Program

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The Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation (SACA), an affiliate of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), in cooperation with King Abdulaziz University (KAU), launched the “Airport Service Diploma” program, with the participation of 130 male and female trainees who will be professionally and practically qualified to enable them to work at the Red Sea International Airport.

The launch of the program comes on the sidelines of the partnership agreement concluded between the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation and the Red Sea Development Company, Saudi Gazette (SG) reported.

This comes within the framework of the Academy’s direction to develop its partnerships in the field of training because of the effective and influential role it plays in qualifying workers and raising the level of quality of services provided.

It also comes within the Academy’s responsibilities towards the localization of the civil aviation industry with human cadres of Saudi youth qualified with the latest technologies.

The SACA and the College of Tourism at King Abdulaziz University supervise the “Airport Service Diploma” program, which lasts for two years and three months, and includes a program dedicated to teaching English for a period of three months.

The trainees then will undergo vocational training for 18 months, and the diploma program concludes with a practical training for six months.

It is noteworthy that the Red Sea Development Company, which is implementing one of the most ambitious tourism projects in the world, had concluded a contract to design the airport for the Red Sea project with the British international company “Foster & Partners”.

The airport is expected to accommodate one million passengers annually. It will cater to domestic and international flights, with a total capacity of 900 passengers per hour.

The airport will have a sustainable, environmentally friendly design that simulates the beauty of the landscape surrounding its location, and embodies the vision of the Red Sea Project.

This in line with the sustainable development goals set by the Red Sea Development Company, since the launch of the project.

SACA is a leading educational entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, established in 1962 as a technical training institute in 2007 for a specialized academy offering a set of specialized diploma programs and training courses that suit the needs of the Aviation Sector and contribute to qualification and training of human resources working to support 27 airports in the Kingdom.

The programs and courses offered by the academy include the following specializations: Air Traffic Control; Maintenance of Aviation Systems; Fire and Rescue; Airport Operation and Safety; Aviation Security 



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