SAUDIA Launched SV 2020 Program to Cope with Saudi Vision 2030

Photo: SPA Saudi Press Agency (SPA)28.04.2021 Aviation & Space
SAUDIA Launched SV 2020 Program to Cope with Saudi Vision 2030

SAUDIA Launched SV 2020 Program to Cope with Saudi Vision 2030

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Assistant Director General for Communications at Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) Khaled Bin Abdulqader Tash said that SAUDIA launched SV 2020 Transformation Program five years ago in synchronization with the launch of the Saudi Vision 2030.

During a press conference held Monday at SAUDIA headquarters in Jeddah, Tash pointed out that the program covered the plans and programs of all sectors of the institution, such as increasing the efficiency and developing services, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

He added that the SV 2020 Transformation Program has contributed to modernizing its fleet through receiving 84 new airplanes over the past five years, where SAUDIA managed to rank first globally in terms of having a modern fleet.

Assistant Director General for Communications continued: “SAUDIA has always been keen to develop products on board of its flights, starting from developing food menu, offering a new package of comfort sets with signatures of world designers, increasing the hours of the entertainment system through adding the most recent movies and programs, in addition to providing the Internet service for all the guests of SAUDIA.”

He noted that SAUDIA has introduced new jobs in airline services, such as airline chef, butler and assistant cabin flight attendant, in addition to holding intensified and specialized training programs for the cabin crew, including flight attendants, first flight attendants, flight attendant for the first and business classes and cabin manager to offer the best services.

Tash also said that SAUDIA kept pace with the digital transformation through developing the infrastructure of booking and sales systems via offering a comprehensive digital experience since establishing a booking to leaving the airplane through mobile phones or SAUDIA website, which are accompanied with continuous development of digital channels and after-sales services.

He also pointed out that the Saudi Arabian Airlines is a strategic partner to the Ministry of Tourism through the international marketing of tourist cities, new projects and connecting these cities and projects with international and domestic flights, in addition to being a partner to the Ministry of Culture through joint work with all commissions to highlight the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s culture with all its components, and a partner to the Ministry of Sports through supporting the most important international tournaments for all sports.

Tash stressed that SAUDIA partnerships also include the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah (Pilgrimage) through offering digital products that facilitate the access of pilgrims and Umrah performers to the holy sites with the least effort and shortest time. Moreover, SAUDIA partnerships also include the Ministry of Transport that aims at achieving strategic goals that can make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia an international logistic hub. SAUDIA is also a partner to General Entertainment Authority through marketing events and seasons throughout the year and offering them in a comprehensive way to guests including travel tickets, residency and participation in events.



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