SENER Supplies Handling System for the Embraer KC-390

10.02.2015 Aviation & Space
SENER Supplies Handling System for the Embraer KC-390

SENER Supplies Handling System for the Embraer KC-390

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The engineering and technology group SENER completed the supply of the handling system for large moving parts in Embraer’s KC-390 program.

This SENER project consists of an omni-directional vehicle with an integrated lifting mechanism capable of handling and positioning items as heavy as 5 metric tons up to heights of 5 m, with a precision up to 0.1 mm.

The system allows for repeatability, tight tolerance and very high quality in the assembly of parts. Embraer will be able to use it in both its manufacturing and its maintenance processes. SENER designed and manufactured this system in its own facilities, and it was responsible for assembling and commissioning it at Embraer’s sites.

Soon after the initial months of operation, Embraer expressed its satisfaction with the quality of SENER’s product and with its performance in the project. Indeed, the Brazilian aeronautics giant used this system to put together its first KC-390 aircraft.

The first flight of the KC-390 aircraft took place on February 3rd at Embraer’s flight testing center (Centro de Ensaios em Voo) in the city of Gavião Peixoto (São Paulo).

“This first flight is a fundamental step toward accomplishing the task with which we were entrusted. The KC-390 is the result of a close cooperation with the Brazilian Air Force and international partners, representing what is most likely the greatest technological challenge that the Company has ever encountered in its history. We are profoundly moved for having achieved this key milestone”, said Frederico Fleury Curado, President and CEO of Embraer.

“The program continues to move forward as planned and the KC-390 has drawn interest from several countries around the world. We are proud to once again keep our commitments in the development of this aircraft, which will set a new standard in the category of tactical military transport,” said Jackson Schneider, President and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security.

The KC-390 is a joint project of the Brazilian Air Force and Embraer to develop and produce a tactical military transport and air-to-air refueling plane that represents a significant advance in terms of technology and innovation for the Brazilian aeronautics industry. This is an aircraft designed to set new standards in its class, at a lower operational cost and with flexibility to perform a wide range of missions: transport and airdropping of cargo and troops, aerial refueling, search and rescue, and forest fire response, among others.

On May 20, 2014, Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force signed the serial production contract for the delivery of 28 KC-390 aircraft and initial logistic support. Besides the order from the Brazilian Air Force, there are current purchase intentions from other countries, for a total of 32 additional aircraft.



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