Al Jaber Aviation: 1st Airbus A318

26.08.2010 Aviation & Space
Al Jaber Aviation: 1st Airbus A318

Al Jaber Aviation: 1st Airbus A318

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Al Jaber Aviation (AJA) became the first Middle East customer to offer an Airbus aircraft for VVIP charter flights, following the delivery of its first A318 Elite. AJA has a further 3 A318 Elites and 2 Airbus Corporate Jetliners (ACJs) on order, which will make it the largest operator of Airbus corporate jets in the region.

"We aim to provide VVIP customers with the ultimate in comfort, space, and service, and because the A318 Elite and Airbus ACJ have the widest and tallest cabins of any business jet, can now deliver it," said Mohammed Al Jaber, Chief Executive Officer, Al Jaber Group.

"The privacy, prestige, and productivity of corporate jets is well understood in the Middle East where there is a strong and growing demand for VVIP charter flights that AJA is well placed to satisfy," Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers, John Leahy pointed out. "And if you can offer a better product, which is what AJA is now able to do with the Airbus A318 Elite, you give your business model the best chance of success," he added.




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