UAE to Host 2nd EASA Forum

15.03.2010 Aviation

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UAE will host the international Cooperation Forum of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) of the European Union in its second session, said the Abu Dhabi-based General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).
Scheduled to be held at Monarch Hotel in Dubai from April 27 to 29, the EASA International Cooperation Forum (ICF) will be EASA's first outside Europe.
It will discuss the latest developments in safety standards applied by EASA and followed by several civil aviation authorities around the world.
The forum is expected to see the participation of more than 100 delegations representing 50 states and aviation organisations from various countries which apply the EASA standards in their national and regional jurisdictions.
"EASA laws are among the best, latest and most strict international standards," said Saif Mohammad Al Suwaidi, Director General, GCAA. "That is why they have been adopted and applied by many of the countries outside the European Union. This gives considerable significance to the forum which is to be hosted by the UAE due to the wide participation expected by all civil aviation authorities and organizations around the world," Al Suwaidi added.
Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, EASA is in charge of drafting laws and legislations relating to European air safety and monitoring the application of such legislations in all EU states.

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