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Mon, 27 September 2010 13:08

The material on this site were reproduced for review and information purposes only. Articles published on this website are propriety of their original publishers and Al Defaiya takes no responsibility for the content or information contained in those articles, nor does it exert any editorial or other control over those articles. In the preparation of the information contained on these Web pages, Al Defaiya has endeavored to make that information as accurate and current as possible.

The images contained within this site, with the exception of those represented to be originally produced by Al Defaiya, are believed to be in the public domain. It is Al Defaiya policy to immediately remove, upon notification and identification, any specific image displayed on its World Wide Web site represented to be owned or copyrighted by other parties.

Al Defaiya accepts no responsibility, expressed or implied, for the information published on its web site. The disclaimer applies in particular to the topicality, accuracy, timeliness, validity and availability of information. Reference is made to official printed publication.

If you believe that any copyright infringement exists on this Website or if you discover any information on our pages which you believe to be inaccurate or inappropriate, please send us an email along with the URL. It would be dealt with utmost care.

You have permission to Link to our website from your website. We do ask that you send us an email so we can visit your site.
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